Welcome to PharmaXP - Social Media for Pharmaceutical Industry

PharmaXP provides buyers the way to get product offers from their existing and new suppliers and also open a door to the wide market place with online presence .

We are here to help the buyers to find best offers and services from the wide market place. In the same way we help the suppliers to get their order and increase the sale.

PharmaXP An Enterprise Social Networking Platform for Pharmaceutical Industry.

About Our Company

PharmaXP is an IT solution company which provides high-end technology driven easy ordering solution to the pharmaceutical industry so that the Suppliers and Buyers can focus and on their business. It provides multiple tools to create and manage market strategy to grow the business.

Our Targets And Commitments

Our target is to create a hassile free pharmaceutical connecting and order/supply management system to boost the existing bussiness of suppliers and also provide easy product availablity and same time gives the market connectivity to the buyers.

What We Provides?

  • An Exclusive Pharmaceutical Social networking and ordering platform.
  • Create Offers and Product Advertisements and share it.
  • Create Public and Private Groups for product advertisement and offers.
  • Upload own product list to avail offer for products and salts.
  • Get order from own salesmans and buyers.
  • Create your own pharmaceutical Market

Our Working Area

Marketing Companies
C&F Agents
Distributors & Semi Distributors

OUR TEAM : Who Made This Possible

Three guys who's experiance is more than fifteen years in the Pharmaceutical and other supply chain softwares with thousands of clients sit together to discuss a solution for the simple and cost effective ordering and connectivity system for the pharmaceutical market, the solution was PharmaXP. Our team is having the core knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry from the manufacturing to the end customer to provide requiered.